How We Work

The information contained on this page is provided for convenience only. Our Client Terms and Conditions, Lawyer Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy will supersede the information presented here in the event of any conflict.

LawKit is not and does not intend to provide legal services, be a lawyer or an incorporated law firm, with reference section 21 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006.

We do not intend to describe ourselves as:

  • a lawyer; or
  • a law practitioner; or
  • a legal practitioner; or
  • a barrister; or
  • a solicitor; or
  • a barrister and solicitor; or
  • an attorney-at-law; or
  • counsel.

When you use our website to find a lawyer or a client and your select a lawyer or a client to work with, your effective legal relationship is with that Lawyer or Client and not LawKit.

As we are a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1993, Consensus New Zealand Limited (t/a LawKit) is a separate legal entity from its owners, directors and employees. Any legal relationship that exists between you and Consensus New Zealand Limitied is unaffected when any of our owners, directors and employees are or become lawyers.