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On LawKit, direct access to new clients is a 24/7 delight.

Our goal is to enable great lawyers to find great work, more quickly and more easily than ever before. That starts with great lawyers.

Are you all about clients?

Above all else, lawyers who join LawKit should be firmly and unashamedly focused on the interests of their client. That means both in doing the work required and in charging appropriately for it. LawKit lawyers are client-focused lawyers.

Are you accessible?

Everyone on LawKit is passionate about access to justice and to information. Our lawyers became lawyers because they want to empower people to live and work better, and to achieve their goals. They are champions of the communities.

Are you an expert?

Our lawyers are also great intellectual and influential individuals who are experts in their fields and who strive for the best results. Excellence is the benchmark, not the high bar.

Sound like a bit of you?

We may have something great on our hands. Here's what you could get out of becoming a LawKit lawyer.

A free profile on NZ's independent legal marketplace

Make yourself known where your future clients are looking. Once you've created your free profile on LawKit, we'll instantly start connecting with you with clients who need a lawyer with your specific expertise. It's active, targeted marketing with basically zero initial outlay.

Fresh and fully-scoped leads delivered directly to your inbox

When we send a potential client your way, we've done a lot of the pre-work for you. We've extracted and summarised the details of their specific situation, got the details of the client and anyone else involved, and scoped and priced the engagement based on your hourly rate. All you need to do is accept their invitiation and get to work. In most cases, you'll have everything you need to deliver a great client experience right from the get-go.

We're on a mission to make the legal experience remarkable.

Ready to join us?

We'll grab some details from you to get the ball rolling. Then, we'll be in touch with a plan to help you make the most out of LawKit.

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Common Questions

  • How much does LawKit cost?

    It's free to become a LawKit lawyer and get listed on our independent legal marketplace. We only charge a small Success Fee for work you find and complete on LawKit. This is a percentage of your final fee to your client.

  • Do I have to work with a client if they select me as their lawyer?

    No. You'll have a chance to conduct a conflict check, per the Conduct and Client Care Rules, and review the details of a client's situation before accepting their invitation to work.

  • Who's terms and conditions are my client's bound by? Yours or mine?

    Both. Everyone who uses LawKit is bound by our Website Terms & Conditions and their respective Client or Lawyer Terms and Conditions. In addition, your client will agree to your Standard Terms of Engagement when they send you an invitation to work.

  • Is LawKit a law firm?

    No. We are not a lawyer or an incorporated law firm and we do not provide legal services. Though some of the LawKit team may be or may become lawyers, none of them practise on LawKit. You can learn more here.

    This independence allows us to make good on our goal to enable great lawyers to find great work. We're never competing with you for work and we treat every LawKit lawyer in the same way: fairly and in good faith.