We've had a change of clothes.

Consensus is now LawKit.

Our name and model may be different, but our mission remains the same.

Improving access to justice is – and always has been – our overarching mission and motivation. Our goal is to create something that really delivers on that mission and to relentlessly pursue the achievement of our goal.

We made great strides toward achieving our goal with Consensus. But we think we can do even better.

We think that we can make the experience of getting legal advice in New Zealand even more remarkable.

We think that we can make our value proposition to NZ's best lawyers even more tantalising. We want what we've got to be hard to ignore.

But, we didn't think we could do all of this with Consensus. We thought long and hard about what needed to change or evolve, and what needed to go.

What's new for clients

You've never picked a lawyer like this before. Instead of posting a broad, anything goes "job", you'll now pick a tailored "Kit" that is specific to your needs and situation. Our onboarding process is better than ever so we get everything we need to know about what you're looking for from a lawyer: nothing less, nothing more. And, instead of waiting and hoping to get proposals from lawyers, we'll instantly match you with LawKit lawyers that can best meet your needs for a fair, fixed fee price. And, just like before, it's completely free.

How LawKit Works

What's new for lawyers

On LawKit, new work comes to you. No more writing proposals or bidding for work: clients will pick you and only you. As a LawKit lawyer, 95% of the work involved in securing new leads and new clients is taken care of. We'll do the marketing, we'll scope the job, we'll determine the fairest fixed fee for all (based on your hourly rate) and we'll package it all up into one beautiful, intuitive online experience. And it gets even better: we've dropped our annual membership fee. You'll only pay when you receive tangible value from LawKit.

Become a LawKit Lawyer

What's new for everyone

All these changes encouraged us to change something else: our name. We felt that Consensus didn't really help to describe what we offered and it didn't have a clever connection to what we did or what we want to do. So, it went.

Now, we are LawKit. We're changing the way New Zealanders get their "legal stuff", and we can't wait for you to join us.